It's the final countdown: Watch to see who you selected No. 1

To commemorate the Super Bowl's golden anniversary, we compiled the top 50 competitors of the first 50 Super Bowls from ASN's family of schools.

Two rounds of voting narrowed 100 nominees from ASN-affiliated schools to the final 50, then you ranked them. During the past month we've counted down Nos. 50-11.

It's finally Super Bowl 50 weekend and time to reveal the top 10. Watch to find out who's No. 1 in ASN's Super Poll 50.

» Nos. 50-41: Watch the kickoff of ASN’s Super Poll 50

» Nos. 40-31: Watch who you ranked Nos. 40-31 in ASN's Super Poll 50

» Nos. 30-21: Terrell Owens: Super Bowl 'a once in a lifetime thing'

» Nos. 20-11: Troy Brown: Super Bowl a time to 'celebrate a rare moment'

» ASN honors: Introducing the All-Super Poll 50 Team

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