Stephen Hunt

Truly blessed and highly favored is how Stephen Hunt can best describe having not just one, but two dream jobs. A Tulsa native and graduate of both Oklahoma State and Arkansas, Hunt works as a freelance writer in the Dallas area, covering everything from Dallas Mavericks basketball to FC Dallas soccer to Texas Rangers baseball with plenty of non-sports work sprinkled in.

Hunt, who along with the greatest dog ever and several other furry companions, calls Frisco home, also works as a statistician on various sports television broadcasts like college basketball and football, the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks and home and visitor shows for the Texas Rangers.

As someone who dreamed of one day merely working in sports while attending OSU, he never takes any of his incredible blessings for granted. Not bad for someone who once failed high school journalism and was also fired from the school paper in college, huh? The Lord has truly blessed him.