Oh snap! Southern Miss long-snapper looking for his big break

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Snapper Sunday sounds like a weekly special at a seafood restaurant. And while Hattiesburg, Miss., has its share of seafood restaurants, Snapper Sunday isn’t a restaurant special in any of them.

Snapper Sunday takes place inside the athletic complexes on the Southern Miss campus.

That's where Lance Schuffert displays his unique long-snapping abilities on random Sundays in the hopes of playing football on Sundays.

“I’d like to think that I can do this at the next level,” said the senior from Prattville, Ala.

In most instances an NFL long snapper makes the league minimum. Long snapper is not a glory position whatsoever. Schuffert isn't looking for glory; just a shot.

In order to effectively market himself to NFL executives, Southern Miss wide receiver Casey Martin has filmed Schuffert’s eye-popping and jaw-dropping ability.

“He’s filmed every video,” said Schuffert. “He says, ‘It's Snapper Sunday; let’s go out and get one.’”

After redshirting his first year, Schuffert took over the long-snapping duties in 2012. He’s played in every game since August 2012. Schuffert has taken the art of the 15-yard snap to the punter and developed it into pin-point accuracy.

Earlier this year a portable basketball hoop was placed three yards behind the back line of the south end zone at M.M. Roberts Stadium. With no trick editing, Schuffert positioned himself in the upper level walkway to Section AA and BB. His snap off the walkway went directly through the hoop approximately 100 feet below. That was progress. A year earlier Schuffert was at the same level and snapped into a garbage can; its circumference three times bigger than the basketball hoop

In another video, a teammate sat in a chair on one side of the locker room. Schuffert was in a chair. The teammate had both arms extended out from his side, each holding an empty gallon container. An empty water bottle sat on his head. Schuffert snapped from 15 yards away. Three consecutive snaps knocked both cartons and the bottle down without the football touching any part of his teammate’s body.

Schuffert has stood at the half court line inside Reed Green Coliseum and rattled the football through the rim.

As entertaining as the off-the-field snaps are, NFL execs might be even more impressed that Schuffert made 209 consecutive punt snaps without a punt being blocked.

Most of the time the limelight doesn't shine on long snappers. Their names usually only get mentioned when they make a mistake. This year Schuffert name has been mentioned twice: once for the 209-punt snap streak; the other for being on the receiving end of a pass.

Earlier this season against Nebraska, the Golden Eagles gambled on a fourth-and-3 from their 39-yard line. After snapping to punter Tyler Sarrazin, Schuffert took three steps up field and then turned around. Sarrazin threw to Schuffert with hopes of catching the Cornhuskers off guard. Unfortunately, the pass went incomplete. Suffice to say, Schuffert will stick to long-snapping.

He’ll leave the pass-catching to his videographer.

Above: Southern Miss long-snapper Lance Schuffert has shown some jaw-dropping accuracy with his long snapping. (Courtesy Southern Miss Athletics)
Video via YouTube

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