Jordan Spieth's younger brother Steven making a name for himself at Brown

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Steven Spieth is a rising star on the Brown basketball team. The 6-6 guard from Dallas, Texas, has been a starter for the Bears since day one of his career.

But you probably recognize his last name thanks to his older brother, Jordan Spieth, currently the No. 1 golfer in the world.

"I don't think the two successes compare right now," said Steven with a laugh. "When we were younger, we were really competitive."

While Steven, who is a sophomore at Brown, spent his off season rehabilitating from a pair of stress fractures in his foot, Jordan was lighting the sports world on fire. In April, Jordan won his first major at the Masters, tying Tiger Woods' all-time record score of minus-18. In June, he followed that up with a victory at the U.S. Open.

Both times, Steven was right there waiting with a big hug.

"Two majors in a row and to be there for both of them was really special," said Steven. "All you can really say in the moment is, 'Congrats.'"

But Jordan supports Steven, too. He visited his younger brother in Providence before the start of the college basketball season.

And Steven said his brother gets very animated when he's in the stands.

"You can hear him over everyone else. He tones it down a little bit now so he's not on SportsCenter cursing out the refs," said Steven with a laugh.

There is a third sibling, Ellie, who gives her two older brothers more inspiration than anyone. Ellie's persistent smile through dealing with special needs makes it hard for Steven or Jordan to stay down for long because of adversity in their respective sports.

"She's my favorite person in the whole world," said Steven. "It really puts everything we do into perspective. If I lose a game I get to Facetime Ellie, and to see her, she's smiling no matter what."

Steven hopes to lead the Bears to an Ivy League title. Ater graduation, he hopes he can find a new team to take his basketball talents.

"I want to try to play professionally if I can. Most likely, it would be overseas," said Steven. "I love the game. I love competing."

On the cover: Jordan Spieth, wearing a blue shirt, embraces brother Steven after winning the Masters on April 12, 2015, in Augusta, Ga. (Photo by David Cannon/Getty Images)

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