Harrisburg's Tyler Mapes bursts teammates bubbles with title

Through all the sugar-highs and bubble woes, which player on the Harrisburg Senators can blow the largest bubble gum bubble?

Its pitcher Tyler Mapes, who narrowly defeated John Simms, another hurler, in a bubble gum blowing competition loosely based on one hosted by Joe Garagiola in 1975 and organized by CBS 21 News Sports Director Jason Bristol.

Mapes and Simms each blew eight-inch bubbles in the finals; yet Mapes was later declared the winner as the total measurement of his bubbles was greater than Simms'.

Robert Fish, Bryan Harper, Nick Lee, Gilberto Mendez, Wander Suero, Austen Williams, Isaac Ballou and Rafael Bautista also competed in a 10-man field on Wednesday using 25 pouches of Big League Chew.

Mapes walked away with several packages of gum for his victory.

Above: Video courtesy WHP-TV

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