Fund created to help Charleston Southern's Chris Singleton

Charleston Southern has set up a memorial fund to be used to help sophomore baseball player Chris Singleton meet his educational expenses at the school. Singleton's mother, Sharonda Coleman-Singleton, 45, was a minister at Emanuel AME Church, and was participating in the Bible study session that was destroyed when 21-year-old Dylann Roof took out a handgun and killed nine congregants and wounded three others June 17.

Stuart Lake, head baseball coach, said, "I am so excited today to hear what the NCAA has allowed us to do for Chris. I'm very proud of the way the local baseball community has stepped up to help the Singleton family."

Singleton appeared last week at Charleston Southern's CSU Ballpark prayer vigil. CSU held a service to celebrate the life of Sharon Coleman-Singleton and pray for Chris Singleton.

At the vigil, Singleton spoke of his mother. “We are mourning right now, but I know we will get through it,” he said. “Love is stronger than hate, so if we love the way my mom did, the hate won’t be anything compared to what love is.”

Video courtesy WCIV

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