Photo courtesy Palm Beach Cardinals; video courtesy WPEC/Palm Beach Cardinals

FSL All-Star hitters will feel, see the heat when Alex Reyes takes the mound

Port St. Lucie is hosting the Florida State League All-Star Game Saturday night, and what promises to be a 90 degree night at Tradition Field, will feature one flamethrower from Palm Beach.

Alex Reyes hit 101 on his fastball during a game this week.

But the 20-year-old Reyes knows, just throwing gas will not be enough to get him to the big leagues.

"My fastball is my number one pitch," says Reyes, after taking a team picture with the rest of the All-Star South squad. "If I can throw a curve ball and a change up for strikes, I'll have a good chance against most hitters."

Reyes has had some issues with control this season, but like his fastball, his strikeout numbers are mystifying.

He has 90 k's, in a little over 60 innings - that means half of his outs, are recorded by the whiff.

But he's not worried about not getting promoted yet.

"Everyone wants to move up. I need to just focus where I am and compete day in and day out."

And despite the computer hacking controversy the Cards now find themselves in, Reyes has nothing but faith in his home club, and he hopes he will one day be in St. Louis.

"It's definitely a home to develop players. As you get looked at by the big club, it motivates you to work hard to make your debut."

Blink.. and you could miss his fastball.

Blink again.. and Reyes may be long gone out of the Florida State League.

Reyes will represent the South Saturday at the Florida State League All-Star game at Tradition Field in Port St. Lucie.  The home run derby starts at 5:30, and the all-star game begins at 7. You can watch the game on the American Sports Network.

Above: Photo courtesy Palm Beach Cardinals; video courtesy WPEC/Palm Beach Cardinals

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