Expedition to Everest: Team USX reaches Camp 2 on North Col

Team USX continued its 63-day expedition to the summit of Mount Everest on Monday, reaching Camp 2 on the North Col and returning safely to advanced base camp, where they will sleep Monday night.

The team will return to base camp Tuesday-Thursday then go back to advanced base camp on Friday as they continue the acclimation process. They remain on schedule to summit Everest on May 20.

The North Col climb has been the primary concern. The team is scaling the 1,000-foot vertical ice wall with ropes, no ladders, and it is one of the most dangerous parts of the Everest climb. Rope anchors failing can result in falls.

Army 2nd Lt. Harold Earls, a recent graduate of West Point and former Army baseball player, is leading the expedition to raise awareness for PTSD. Their mission took on renewed purpose last week when the team learned of the suicide of Marine veteran Dan Sidles, one of their climbing buddies.

Sidles, who suffered from PTSD, was featured with Team USX's Chad Jukes in the documentary "High Ground" that followed a team of 11 wounded veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan during their climb of Mount Lobuche.

Team USX plans to honor Sidles during their Everest climb.

Follow their expedition in the photo gallery below:

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Above: Team USX climbs the 1,000-foot vertcal ice wall of the North Col. (Courtesy Pitch Publicity)

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