CAA picks

American Sports Network's experts pick your conference winners, the dark horse team to watch and let you know who else might make the NCAA Tournament field. Click here for final  bracket.

Blaine Taylor

Should win conference:  William and Mary

Dark horse: UNC Wilmington

Who else might get in: This is a one-bid league.

Why I chose William and Mary:  The Tribe had a heartbreaking loss in the championship game last year.  I think coach Tony Shaver breaks through after numerous championship games. They are a sentimental favorite as one of the last teams in country to qualify for March Madness.

Doug Bell

Should win conference:  UNC Wilmington

Dark horse: Northeastern

Who else might get in: None

Why I chose UNC Wilmington:  I'm going with the Seahawks who have three seniors - Freddie Jackson, Cedrick Williams and Addison Spruill - playing the best basketball of their careers.

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