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BEST OF ASN | Harrisburg's Bryan Harper corners 'stache market

Originally published June 19

There may be no minor league pitcher who throws, grows and challenges the status quo like Harrisburg Senators pitcher Bryan Harper.

While bearded little brother Bryce Harper of the Washington Nationals has the sweet swing, Bryan has one sick 'stache — possibly the best in the minors.

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"Its kind of like my calling card," said Bryan, who pitched 12 games last season for Harrisburg. You can see Harper's look in action on Sunday when Harrisburg travels to Altoona in ASN's Minor League Baseball Sunday Showcase. "I love growing facial hair."

This is one man's personal grooming guide — on how best to handle a handlebar moustache.

"Sometimes you'll see that I get it going pretty big — about midseason," he said.

Most major league organizations have rules regarding facial hair on their minor leaguers. The Senators and manager Brian Daubach confirm Bryan falls — err, curls up — within the Nationals guidelines. "They give me a little leeway," he adds.

Being a Harper, Bryan knows people are watching him anyhow. "That comes with the name on the back (of the jersey)," said Bryan.

He also believes he can pitch in the majors. "I think if I didn't I wouldn't be playing any more."

"Everyone of these guys has a chance to pitch in the big leagues," said Senators pitching coach Chris Michalak.

"The moustache helps," he adds with a smile. "The other thing is, he's left-handed."

And maintaining Bryan's cool, signature style? "I grow the beard in the offseason and that kind of makes it easier transition to the moustache."

It requires some work, but not too much work. "Once it gets to a point, it curls by itself. There's a little bit of product; a little bit of moustache wax we put in there, but not a whole lot."

And there's your grooming guide from Bryan Harper, who says the moustache is also a bit of superstition, as well.

He's the bro making a name for himself in Harrisburg — by throwing, growing and now showing.

"Here you got some new teams; new guys that probably haven't seen it. Just heard about it.

"Its a myth for them," Harper said with a laugh.

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