It's 50 Super Bowls and counting for 80-year-old Don Crisman

Tom Brady has been to six Super Bowls.

His coach Bill Belichick has been a part of nine.

But come Sunday, Don Crisman will reach the big 5-0. That’s right, 50 consecutive Super Bowls.

“Oh it’s very special, but it would have been super special if the Patriots had made it,” Crisman said. “But that wasn’t in the cards. We’re going forward. I’m not sure who I’m gonna be rooting for. I’d like to see (Peyton) Manning go out in style and I think this might be his last game.”

The Maine native is one of eight people who have attended every Super Bowl — from the Jets’ miracle win in 1969 to the Pats’ upset victory over the St. Louis Rams, which, by the way, is still Crisman’s all-time favorite.

“Yeah, that’s still my No. 1, but a close second has to be last year,” Crisman said. “Malcom Butler’s miracle in the desert shocked me, really. I had put that one in the loss column. I was packing my bag, ready to leave the stadium when all of a sudden ‘Boom!’ it was like a lightning bolt!”

This year, with the NFL celebrating its golden anniversary, Don and his wife Beverley will be getting the red carpet treatment.

“It’s super special the NFL is providing the tickets, the hotel and the airfare so that makes it real special,” Crisman said.

His original goal was to reach 50 Super Bowls, but now he’s having second thoughts.

“You know I’m turning 80 here in a few months but Larry (49ers fan Larry Jacobson, who has also attended every Super Bowl) says he’s going until he’s in the box planted so maybe I’ll follow that suit.

“But I do have to negotiate with my wife because I did make a promise!”

A promise the Crismans will revisit at the same time next year.

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