Frozen Four All-Hair Team: See who made the final cut


ASN-Frozen-Four-Coverage-Logo-Hair is always a big topic around hockey rinks.

Hat heads, receding hairlines, mullets long and flowing or buzzcuts meaning business.

Typically you can ask any player on any team who has the best or most-talked about hairstyle and you’ll get the same response.

“You’re talking to him,” quipped Quinnipiac goalie Michael Garteig, adding his coiffe typically is “always clean cut and gelled.

“Top three hair guys: Myself, Travis St. Denis and Sam Anas. Honorable mention Luke Shiplo, K.J. Tiefenwerth.”

Every team has it’s guy who loves his hair too much or is losing it too quick.

In Denver, junior forward Evan Janssen’s flowing lochs grabbed the attention of coach Jim Montgomery, who is, shall we say, follicly challenged.

He broached the subject during a fun team video segment dubbed “Gabbing with Gabe” Levin. The senior forward’s exchange with his coach:

  • Levin: “You’re wearing a shaved head, which is a style choice …”
  • Montgomery (interjecting): “No not really … it’s a genetic choice.”

Montgomery then admits he’s envious of Janssen (right).

“He can wear it long, he can wear it short,” Montgomery said. “Like, I’m jealous of those people. When I had hair it could only do one thing … like your’s (pointing to Levin).”

Asked by Levin who he most resembles, Montgomery likened himself to the old-school detective Kojak — who Levin didn’t know at first — and then to rapper Pitbull, quickly breaking into a chair dance.

Good stuff.

Boston College forward Alex Tuch said it’s difficult to say who has the best hair on his team, and Troy Stecher said the same for North Dakota.

“Coach (Jerry) York wants everyone clean shaven and with very short haircuts all the time,” Tuch said. “In the summer I grow it out a little, so maybe me?”

Stecher said nobody’s hair on UND’s team sticks out, but the most talked about head of hair belongs to junior forward Keaton Thompson.

“We give him a lot of crap about his hairline,” Stecher said. “He’s 19 and it’s receding quite a bit. We tell him he’s going to be pretty bald by 23.”

Just for that, we’ll put on him our team.




Dave Dondoneau

Dave Dondoneau is a freelance writer based in Honolulu. Follow him on Twitter @DakotaHI.